Culinary Awards Los Cabos

It took several years of planning for the first edition of Culinary Awards Los Cabos to be held in 2018. The main objective of this event was to showcase to the world what Los Cabos has to offer in gastronomic excellence, international diversity, and service.

In the second edition, the Organizing Committee made the decision to integrate the establishments in Pescadero and Todos Santos. These areas enjoy great success with their unique farm-to-table gastronomic offerings, and its sustainability through use of local products.

Los Cabos

For the first time, the 2020 event includesestablishments in La Paz. La Paz has presented an outstanding growth in gastronomic offerings and today there is an interesting mix offered in restaurants with Southern California cuisine and seafood.

Culinary Awards Los Cabos is an extremely valuable eventwith each edition having its gastronomic proposals presented through social networks and other media, as well as through the publication of a restaurant guide with complete details for tourists and locals.

Culinary Awards Los Cabos is organized by Egys S. de R.L de C.V. and presented by:


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