Culinary Awards is a project that was born with the main goal of recognizing the growing culinary proposal of Los Cabos, thus annually generating a restaurant directory, which serves as a “Culinary Guide” for tourists and locals. 

Each restaurant is evaluated by a jury in a Mystery Shopper modality, summiting a ballot with a defined criterion. The finalists are revealed at the nominations cocktail and later the winners receive the prized chef statuette at the awards ceremony. 

All registered restaurants, regardless of whether they obtain a statuette or not, are published in the Culinary Guide directory in print and digital versions. 

In addition to media exposure, digital marketing on our social networks and brand awareness from the public voting are generated throughout the year, free of charge thanks to our sponsors. 

The criteria to participate can be consulted in the section “Participation criteria 

Restaurants can choose in which categories they want to be evaluated by the jury and in which they want to compete for the public vote. The categories marked with an asterisk are out of competition for winners of the previous year for a period of one year. 

The information provided through the registration form will be reflected in the Culinary Awards App for one year, or, until next Culinary Awards edition. 

It will also appear in The Culinary Guide digitally and printed. The Guide is published every December 1st, once the current year’s winners have been announced at the Culinary Awards ceremony. 

The members of the jury are doctors, architects, wedding planners, engineers, designers, hotel and restaurant´s managers and directors. Although a very varied profile they share a passion for good food and lifestyle. The jury is secret and is only admitted by internal recommendation of another jury or the Jury Committee. 

Your opinion is very important. The public vote is a way to participate to highlight those restaurants that pamper you throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to vote for all your favorites in each category they are participating.