Participation Criteria

*Registration is free and must be submitted to the Organizing Committee.
* The restaurant must be a privately-owned and follow Mexican laws.
* It must be open to the general public.
* The address must be a fixed location (no itinerant establishments, open or mobile kitchens), with the ability to seat all patrons to enjoy their meals.
* There must be a full menu available with all prices displayed.
* The staff must include a Chef or Head of Kitchen within the regular staff
* New restaurants may participate, whose opening has been 6 months before the launch of Culinary Awards Los Cabos 2023.
*Previous winners in the “New Restaurant” “Consolidated Restaurant” “Revelation Chef” “Chef of the Year” “Consolidated Chef” “Design, Setting and Atmosphere” categories may not be included in the award-winning category for one year and will be eligible in other categories applicable to their concept.

Launch: April 23th, 2024 Venue: Nicksan Palmilla

Registration Period: April 15th, 2024 – March 15th, 2024

Nominations Announcement:  October 29th, 2024 Venue Crania

Gala Ceremony: November, 2024 (Venue: TBC)

~ Jury Awards ~

  1. Restaurant of the year in a Hotel
  2. Restaurant of the year, in the City
  3. New Restaurant
  4. Consolidated Restaurant
  5. Wine Experience
  6. Excellence in Service
  7. Gastronomic Experience
  8. Chef of the Year
  9. Consolidated Chef (Granted by the Organizing Committee)
  10. Pastry Chef of the Year
  11. Restaurant nominated by The Jury

~ People’s Choice Awards (Online Vote) ~

  1. Culinary Awards Pairing by RDF José Cuervo
  2. Culinary Awards Lunch/ Dinner in Cabo San Lucas
  3. Culinary Awards Breakfast and/or Cafeteria in Cabo San Lucas
  4. Culinary Awards Lunch/Dinner in Tourist Corridor
  5. Culinary Awards Breakfast and/or Cafeteria in Tourist Corridor
  6. Culinary Awards Bar by RDF José Cuervo
  7. Culinary Awards Lunch/Dinner in San José del Cabo
  8. Culinary Awards Breakfast and/or Cafeteria in San José del Cabo


  1. Culinary Awards Lunch/ Dinner in Todos Santos – El Pescadero
  2. Culinary Awards Breakfast and/or Cafeteria in Todos Santos – El Pescadero

~ Special Award ~

Culinary Achievement. Award given for contributing over the years to the culinary experience in Los Cabos. This category is outside of competition and is selected by the Organizing Committee of Culinary Awards Los Cabos.

Launch &Call
Press Conference. Call via eblast, Social Network and Personal Meetings

Registration Period
Owners and/or General Managers and/or Qualified Staff register their Restaurant in accord to the criteria for participation.
Participation is free of charge and voluntary.
Restaurants must name a Project Leader. He or She must have the authority complete this registration form, as well as to provide the information requested in said form.
Jury Selection
Jury is integrated by 70 people recognized as local Culinary Experts and gourmands. Jury is always kept anonymous as they visit all registered restaurants and paid for their consumption by their own. President of the Jury is of the public domain as He or She is the spokesperson of the whole Jury.

Evaluation Process (Jury Awards)
The members of the Jury visit all the registered restaurants. In accordance with the evaluation criteria, they cast their votes confidentially by means of digital ballots that are delivered to the President of the Jury. This in turn sends the ballots to the Crowe firm.
The Crowe firm tallies the final votes and qualifications, which it delivers in a sealed envelope until the day of the awards ceremony.

Evaluation Process (People’s Choice Awards)
Online voting begins at the end of restaurants registration date.
Restaurants promote and spread the word about voting online with their diners to get votes.
Residents and tourists of the destination can support their favorite restaurant according to the different categories.
Voting by the public is done directly on the Culinary Awards Los Cabos website.
The Crowe firm tallies the final votes and qualifications, which it delivers in a sealed envelope until the day of the awards ceremony.

  • Aspects that are considered in each category:
  • Food taste
  • Presentation of the dishes
  • Originality and control of the ingredients
  • Food temperature
  • Size of Portions
  • Variety of dishes
  • Presentation of menus
  • Wine list*
  • Wine selection and pairing suggestions
  • Preparation of desserts by a Pastry Chef
  • Excellence in service
  • Presence of staff (host, waiters, bartenders, chef, manager)
  • Hygiene of public areas and kitchen

Restaurant nominated by the Jury

  • The Jury Committee may award a special mention to that restaurant that has not registered in a traditional format, however, stands out in the culinary scene of the destination.