Chef X Los Cabos 2024

Food festivals with a social cause are a delicious fusion of culinary delight with social impact. Chef por Los Cabos goes beyond celebrating flavors and cuisines. The core of this event is to support foundations, team up to be agents of change in our community and together promote sustainability.

For the second edition, the proceeds from the event are destinated to Dibujando Nuestros Sueños A.C. and their community kitchen, which feeds 80 boys and girls from Los Cabos.

Suelo Sur was the perfect natural environment and host to a relaxed and exquisite afternoon. Each attendee was able to enjoy pleasant talks and personal contact with each of the chefs, Culinary Awards was no exception to learn the story behind the recipe. In addition of learning about the various cuisines and fusions that come up thanks to the four-handed cooking dynamics duos in each station between the chefs of Club Vatel Los Cabos. An event to educate the palate!

Twelve food stands highlighted a protein or vegetable as main ingredient of the dish. The diner has the opportunity to create their own five-course menu. Among the options to choose from were fresh dishes such as ceviche or Totoaba roll, oysters in apple sauce, gratin clams, paella with blue crab, mushrooms with cream, Asian-style fried Kmpachi, lamb chops, mole tamale, birriamen, porkbelly sope, and so… it was also a tough choice the dessert: brownie with honey icecream , or chocolate cake and seasonal fruits with cheese ice cream.

Observing each chef adding the final touch on the plating at the moment is in itself a delight that tempts the taste buds. The quality of the ingredients is undoubtedly the key to a dish with great taste, InnovaGourmet, US Foods de México, and Trivio are the perfect dumbbell for excellence. Of course, the gastronomic experience would not be complete without the pairing with a glass of wine between white, rosé, sparkling or red of your choice from Baja Wines or the craft beer proposal from Cervecería Yenekamú.

Beyond awakening the senses, Chef por Los Cabos is an example of culinary diversity, and an event with a cause that highlights the importance of conscient consumption. Thanks to the participation of Pesca Conciente and support of the Alliance for Food Security with the Al Rescate program.