Culinary Awards presents the Restaurant Guide and announces the dates for the second edition in 2019

  • The Culinary Awards Restaurant Guide will be distributed in various cities in Mexico and around the world. Thanks to the support from FITURCA and FITUES as they will use this material to promote our destination.
  • Restaurants began their free registration for the second edition of Culinary Awards on November 23rd and can continue entering until January 23rd, 2019.
  • The jury will once again be composed of local area diners anonymously casting ballots in 13 categories. The evaluation process will be verified by the auditing firm, Crowe Horwath Gossler. There will also be online voting where the general public will vote for favorite restaurants in 10 categories.
  • The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 24th.

LOS CABOS, BCS, November 26th The Organizing Committee of Culinary Awards presented, on November 22nd, a Restaurant Guide that recognizes the best locations in the gastronomic field in Los Cabos. The initial circulation was 15,000 copies as well as a digital version which makes it easy for residents and visitors to select a restaurant to suit their needs and desires.

With the support of the State Tourism Board (FITUES) and the Los Cabos Tourism Board (FITURCA), the Restaurant Guide will be distributed at fairs and events anywhere our destination is promoted, including in important cities of Mexico and the world.

The call for the 2019 edition has been announced. Once again, a panel composed of local diners will be given the task of visiting and evaluating all restaurants. This will be done anonymously while covering all costs incurred. Each juror will have a report card for each location visited. The evaluation process will be verified by the audit firm Crowe Horwath Gossler.

Restaurants can register from November 23rd until January 23rd, 2019 free of charge. Included in the benefits that participating restaurants obtain is the inclusion of their basic information in the next edition of the Restaurant Guide, as well as the possibility of obtaining a feedback report at the end of the evaluation process.

The general community can also support their favorite restaurants through an online vote. The Organizing Committee will seek the advice of the local community to determine the recipient of the Culinary Achievement, using an open survey.

The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, April 24th.

Representatives of the state and municipal governments, tourist organizations, sponsors of the 2018 edition, special guests, and members of the Organizing Committee attended the press conference.


  1. Restaurant of the Year, inside a Hotel
  2. Restaurant of the Year, in the City
  3. Restaurant of the Year, in Todos Santos – Pescadero
  4. New Restaurant
  5. Consolidated Restaurant
  6. Chef of the Year
  7. Rising New Chef
  8. Culinary Concept
  9. Sweet – Dessert Proposal
  10. Bar of the Year
  11. Bartender of the Year
  12. Wine Selection
  13. Outstanding Service

People’s Choice Awards (Online Vote)

  1. Culinary Experience: Cabo San Lucas, in the City
  2. Culinary Experience: Cabo San Lucas, inside a hotel
  3. Culinary Experience: Los Cabos Tourist Corridor
  4. Culinary Experience: San José del Cabo, in the City
  5. Culinary Experience: San José del Cabo, inside a hotel
  6. Culinary Experience: Todos Santos – Pescadero
  7. Casual Restaurant
  8. Option for Breakfast and/or Café
  9. Option for Lunch
  10. Experience in a Bar

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