Culinary Awards 2020 will reward the best of gastronomy in Los Cabos, Todos Santos/Pescadero and La Paz.

LOS CABOS, BCS, February 17, 2020 – For the third consecutive year, the alliance between Tendencia El Arte de Viajar and PR Solutions will organize through Culinary Awards, recognition for the best of the region’s gastronomic offerings.

Representatives of the state and municipal government, organizations associated with tourism and the food and beverage industry, sponsors, special guests, and members of the Organizing Committee, met at Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant that received awards in previous editions.

In addition to the evaluation process this year, there will be a Special Preselection Committee composed of experts from the food and beverage industry. This committee will determine which category each of the registered restaurants will participate. They will be able to register for free by the deadline of March 10th on the project website.

The general evaluation period that will determine the nominees in each category will run from March 16th to May 1st. In this same time period, a local juror will visit preselected restaurants to issue an evaluation using a report card. Likewise, the community in general will be able to support their favorite restaurants through an online vote system. The entire evaluation process will be verified by the consulting firm Crowe.

In the very near future we will announce the date and location where we will reveal the nominees as well as where and when the awards ceremony will be held. These dates are projected to be in May and June of this year, respectively.



  1.  Restaurant of the Year, in a Hotel
    2. Restaurant of the Year, in the City
    3. New Restaurant
    4. Consolidated Restaurant
    5. Chef of the Year
    6. Rising New Chef
    7. Bar of the Year
    8. Wine Selection
    9. Outstanding Service


  1. Culinary Experience: Cabo San Lucas, in a Hotel
    2. Culinary Experience: Cabo San Lucas, in the City
    3. Culinary Experience: Tourist Corridor
    4. Culinary Experience: San José del Cabo, in a Hotel
    5. Culinary Experience: San José del Cabo, in the City
    6. Culinary Experience: Todos Santos – Pescadero
    7. Culinary Experience: La Paz
    8. Casual Restaurant
    9. Option for Breakfast and/or Café
    10. Option for Lunch
    11. Bar Experience