Exquisite and joyful Sabores de Sudcalifornia Festival

Preserving local recipes is a crucial aspect of cultural heritage and culinary diversity. These recipes often represent traditions, history, and unique ingredients that are deeply intertwined with a community’s identity.

In addition to this, regional festivals have a valuable economic impact by supporting local producers and contributing to the development of culinary tourism, attracting visitors interested in experiencing the unique flavors of the region.

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In that sense, Lucy Trasviña, owner of Restaurante Doña Pame, founded the Sabores de Baja Festival in 2017, which later took its current name Sabores de Sudcalifornia.

Last Sunday the 7th was held. edition with 19 restaurants and food proposals that preserve authentic Southern California ingredients, thanks to the valuable contribution of Innova Gourmet & Us Foods from Mexico.

Photos courtesy of: Azap Marketing

Here is the list of restaurants that offer a flavorful Feasts:

  1. Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa
  2. Esperanza Auberge Resort Collection
  3. Buena Vista Spa Resort
  4. Mar de Cortez
  5. Instituto de Gastronomía De La Paz.
  6. Instituto Tecnológico de los Cabos
  7. River’s
  8. Misión 21 Hotel , Santiago BCS
  9. Chef Yobet Mayo
  10. Eataliano Pizza Kitchen
  11. Croc
  12. Octopus
  13. Doña Pame
  14. La Terminal Baja BBQ
  15. El Mirador
  16. Casa Natalia
  17. Barra Azul
  18. Malvarrosa
  19. Origen
Photos courtesy of: Azap Marketing

In addition to grilled clams, chorizo, squid sausages, sashimi quesadillas, pork in red marinade, charcoal-grilled beef, chicken in guajillo chili sauce with a touch of honey, braised vegetables, paella, quesabirrias, among other dishes, Attendees were able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Miraflores in a country atmosphere with Aprisco de la Toba goat cheese, wine, Tequila cantaritos, cold coconuts, nieves (ice-cream), and craft beer by Yenekamú. A perfect accompaniment to the joyful folklore that got tourists and locals alike dancing!

Local gastronomy is a powerful marker of identity and rural festivals promote shared culinary experiences, creating a sense of belonging among individuals, reinforcing multiculturalism.

Sabores de Sudcalifornia is an event that you should mark on your annual calendar if you want to experience the gastronomic culture and bring home artisanal product.

Photos courtesy of: Azap Marketing