The Sashimi Fest, bigger than ever!

The gastronomic festival returns at its best in the 7th edition, thanks to the support of various allies and sponsors, including Culinary Awards.

What began as a sashimi competition and exhibition in La Playa, San José del Cabo, confirms its new headquarters in the iconic Teniente José Antonio Mijares public square, in the Historic Downton San José del Cabo next March 16, 2024, in the framework of the city’s traditional festivities.

“There will be one hundred sashimi makers, with the participation of Peru, Guatemala, Spain and, of course, Mexico,” said José “Chucho” Montaño Avilés, founder and general director of the festival, at the press conference that took place on Saturday the 17th. February at the CATAC

The popular event that brings together the entire community is preparing to receive around 2,000 attendees who will try the variety of sashimi. Today, Sashimi Fest is the largest sashimi circuit in Mexico and an event that puts Los Cabos in the international spotlight.

With the seasoning and charisma that characterizes Chucho, he recalled the story of the origin of the Choyero sashimi:

“When foreigners, especially the Japanese, prepared the dish in this area, here they said ‘hey, what if we put lemon in it?’ What if we add tomato, serrano chili, red onion, cilantro and cucumber? And so we began to create a different concept and I tell you honestly, with my heart in my hand, this dish is only made in such a way on this land. The sashimi they are making elsewhere are replicas”… He said, adding that they considered changing the name to tropicalize it, but they thought it would be better to call it “Sashimi Choyero.”

Culinary Awards and Sashimi Fest share the main goal of spreading the gastronomic diversity that characterizes the Los Cabos region, by encouraging the creativity of chefs, inspiring them to propose new creations of this emblematic dish.

The Sashimi Fest encourages participating restaurants by granting cash amounts to the winners and continues as an event for a social cause, thanks to the condonation of 8% of taxes by the H. XIV City Council of Los Cabos, amount that will be donated directly to Club Shriners.

The Shriners Club has qualified professionals in 22 hospitals across North America to provide medical services to patients from birth to age 18, burns, craniofacial, musculoskeletal, orthopedic injuries and sports medicine, rheumatic diseases, scoliosis and other spinal conditions., including spinal cord injuries, prosthetics and orthotics, rehabilitation and therapy, among others. They also provide assistance to families with travel and accommodations as needed.

The cost of the ticket, $600 pesos, allows you to taste all the Sashimi proposals. There will also be craft beer and spirits for sale, for a culinary celebration.

The magic of sashimi fest lies in the diversity, versatility and creativity of the contestants and in the presence of all attendees!