Crania and Bluefiná present an exceptional tuna filleting experience

Within an ethereal paradise in the coastal community of La Playa, marked by iconic abandoned and repurposed cranes, lies the innovative dining concept, Crania Restaurante.

Crania, who promises to host the 2024 Culinary Awards nominations, presented a surprising collaboration with Bluefiná – global leader in bluefin tuna farming – Host Chefs Javier Ornelas, and Adrian Cecerro who run Crania’s kitchen, and guest chef Alex Branch.

This extraordinary event around tuna snoring captivated the foodies of San José del Cabo!

The one who made the cut of honor was chef Alex Branch of the Nao restaurant, known for his experience and skill in the Los Cabos culinary scene, in addition to his deep knowledge in the art of tuna butchering, providing a unique perspective on this culinary art.

“Ronqueo” is an ancient tuna cutting technique; Because of the sound produced when the fish is cut along the back with the knife, attendees had the opportunity to witness up close this process that fused tradition, culinary skill and passion for gastronomy of three talented Chefs, participants in Culinary Awards.

Crania, together with Bluefiná, will offer a tuna special created by Ornelas every week, as part of its ongoing commitment to offering innovative and high-quality culinary proposals to the community of San José del Cabo.

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