Culinary Awards’ gastronomic art pieces were the gem of Sabor a Cabo 

On Saturday, December 2, the seasonings of more than 35 restaurants of the region, and 20 wineries, came together for the long-awaited return of Sabor Cabo, the most emblematic gastronomic festival of the region with a variety of unforgettable dishes. 

Spectacular aromas and flavors of some Culinary Awards participants were present at this great event: Dum presented a popular esquite with grasshoppers, Carbón Cabrón a roasted bone marrow and curried vegetable skewers, Nao brought its iconic Hummus with Pita Bread, Sunset Monalisa & Jazz On The Rocks, shined with a wide variety of pizzas, gratin oysters and the emblematic tiramisu. Among other delicious culinary proposals were the stands of Aleta at Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa, Jardín Secreto, Wachinango’s, Mi Casa, El Squid Roe, Steak Chops & Such, Pan Di Bacco, Omakai, Mama Mia & La Ramona. 

The participation of Bluefina, as a sponsor of the Pacific bluefin tuna protein, and El Sargazo for the chef’s live cooking contest stood out. The fish, without scopes, weighed about 136 pounds.

The most anticipated moment was the famous “ronqueo”, a word used in Spanish for the sound produced when the fish is cut along the back with the knife; From there the parts with which the Chefs would cook were obtained, it was decided through a draw which parts each Chef would get, and each one freely chose how to prepare it.

The live competition featured artwork from the Culinary Awards:

  • Ángel Carbajal, Nicksan | “Culinary Achievement 2023”, “Lunch in Cabo San Lucas 2022” y “Consolidated Restaurant 2022”  
  • Guillermo Gómez, Sage | “Culinary Awards San José del Cabo in the City 2023”   
  • Gustavo Pinet, Don Manuel’s at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal | “Consolidated Restaurant & Wine Experinece 2023”, “Restaurant of the Year in a Hotel 2022” y “Outstanding Service 2022” 
  • Héctor Morales, Sunset Monalisa | nominee “Culinary Awards Tourist Corridor 2023”, “Restaurant of the Year in the City 2023”, “Consolidated Restaurant 2023”, “Outstanding Service in the City 2023”, “Culinary Concept in the City 2023”, “Consolidated Chef 2023” y “Design, Setting and Atmosphere in the City2023”  
  • Juan Pablo Loza, Comal | nominee: “Culinary Awards Tourist Corridor in a Hotel 2023” y “Culinary Concept in a Hotel 2023”   
  • Javier Plascencia, Semillón | nominee: “New Restaurant 2023” y “Culinary Awards San José del Cabo in the City 2023” y Winner “Culinary Experience in San José del Cabo, in the City 2022” 

The winner was chef Javier Plascencia from Semillón, who presented the jury with a dish with layers of tuna, rice, and vegetables, with a creative and innovative perspective perfectly paired with rosé wine!