La Ruta del Mole arrives to Los Cabos in benefit of the Club de Abuelos de San Miguel

An event that celebrates the diversity of Mexican mole and is contagious due to the passion chef involved cook with! in addition to reaffirming the commitment to a charitable cause.

The word mole comes from the Nahuatl word “molli or mulli” which means “sauce” and its culinary process dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Although there are currently several variants for its preparation, the traditional recipe is of Oaxacan origin and is attributed to an essential ingredient: chili huacle or chilhuacle. A variety of chili produced and consumed in the La Cañada region, in Oaxaca, México.

La Ruta del Mole already has two confirmed dates to be presented in Baja California Sur, starting next February 4th at Hacienda Chimbica located in San José del Cabo. This year’s festival theme is “Passion and Love, Cooking with a Purpose and Cooking over Firewood.”

This festival will offer attendees the opportunity to taste 9 unique styles of mole prepared by renowned chefs of Los Cabos, such as: Lorena Talamas, Miguel Vargas, Patricia Bautista, Saúl Torres, Carlos F. Márquez, Alma León Salgado, Axel A. Juárez, Lourdes Sánchez and Yobet Mayo.

“Among the innovative proposals are short rib with mole, duck magret with mole, date mole, mole ice cream and brownie with mole.” Chef Ariosto Camacho, General Director of La Ruta del Mole.

It is worth noting that the proceeds from the event will go to the Club de Abuelos de San Miguel, who at this time are in need of a multi-purpose space for therapies, massages and other relaxation activities. In the words of the Club director Sinai Mota: “Grandparents are pillars of wisdom. Starting a conversation with any of them promises you captivating stories that enlarge our hearts. This stage of their lives must also be valued and given a dignified and active aging.”

Los Cabos is a destination where talents, great food and altruistic hearts come together to make a positive difference in society. The mole festival is possible thanks to various allied sponsors, including: Innova Gourmet, US Foods de México, Baja Wines and PR Solutions, who are also part of Culinary Awards.

Our foodie community cannot miss Mole Fest 2024 on February 4, 2024 at Hacienda Chimbica, in San José del Cabo, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. The pre-sale ticket cost is $800 MXN and on the day of the event it will be $1,000 MXN.